Cocktails in the City

Can you see where I pinched my blog name from? Ooopsies.

I love entering competitions, and lucky me I won tickets to Cocktails in the City last Thursday, at the beautiful Mansfield Traquair. Thanks Chaoprhaya!

I wandered down for the event opening at 6pm. I was meant to be going with my step mum, but after falling ill she was unable to attend. Me, and my love of alcohol didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to try some cocktails still decided to go and I am so glad I did. Well, that was until I was drunk and stranded at Waverley station as my train home was cancelled – but that’s a very funny/awkward story for another day. *Hides face in embarrassment* Shout out to my dad for saving the day.

Anyway, lets get back to the event. On arrival, I was buzzing that I never got ID’ed. This is a big deal for me as I have such a baby face I usually am questioned more than once when ever I enter a pub. I was handed a little book that contained information on the bars and the cocktails they had on offer. I was directed over to a table where you paid money to get tokens (1 cocktail was £6.50, very reasonable as plenty free samples floating around too!) I started of with 5 tokens as I wasn’t planning on staying too long. However, after flicking through the book too many cocktails took my fancy. I ran back over to the table and paid for another 5 cocktails. Tokens and book in hand I set off on my adventure round the pop up bars. IMG_7159.JPG

My first visit was to Hoot the Redeemer, who are based on Hanover Street. I have popped in a few times as I love the quirkiness of the place. Did you know, the wall paper in their ladies loo are pages from 50 Shades of Grey? They had partnered up with Disaronno to create a cocktail which was not something I would normally try but was a solid 7/10 for me. It also came it a retro Slush Puppy cup.


I then headed of to Chaophraya – first to thank them for the free tickets and second to taste their cocktail of the night. Usually, when I dine with them I go for their Mango Passion as it contains vanilla vodka but tonight it was a very pink cocktail with Lanique Rose Spirit… I’d never heard of it but it was good. Strong, but good. I got chatting with the marketing manager and total fangirled over their new menu.

Following my map, behind me was Badger and Co. By this point I was tipsy so my chat was shocking. The barmen were in good spirits and I think didn’t me spraffing away. I loved their tweed jackets and their coffee cocktail that was served in a coffee cup. Nice touch. IMG_7224.JPGIMG_7225.JPG

Next, I think (alcohol was kicking in) I headed to The Voyage of Buck (going by my camera roll) All I really remember is something about a yellow piano but other than that, mind blank. I did manage a photo though!


The rest of the night, from this moment onwards is very limited. Which is pretty bad, when you were trying to get content for your blog (my bad). I do have fussy memories of a toasted marshmallow cocktail and a photo to prove it, men getting their hair cut with the Whistle Stop Barber Shop, very handsome bar tenders at the Treacle stand and chatting nonsense with the staff at Panda & Sons…

I do know though, that I had a fab time and will be back next year with a group in tow and I will make sure I eat before hand. For now, I am ever so slightly embarrassed with how drunk I got so for the next few weeks I will be in hiding.

This lightweight is signing off… Ciao!

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