Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Week 2016


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So, the 1st of December is not just the first day of advent – it is also the first of seven days raising awareness about Crohn’s and Colitis, and as I enjoy talking about all Crohn’s/toilet paper/blood tests – I thought I would join in. Over the next few posts, I would like to expand on my journey with this disease and tell you it’s not just all poo, bloating and farting. Welcome ulcers, joint pain, embarrassment, fatigue, fistulas, UTIs, surgery, infusions, steroids, weight loss, hair loss, weight gain, anaemia, etc.

Lets start… serious head on… because this is a serious topic.

Poo. We all do it – So why should we be embarrassed on discussing this?

Here is a little story about me over coming my embarrassment with Crohn’s – it only took a few years…

When I first went to the doctor with stomach pains and countless toilet trips, he assumed I had IBS, like many, I was prescribed Buscopan to try and calm the knots and endless diarrhoea. This never worked and the more I pooed, the more weight I lost. My size 10 jeans quickly became too big and I was down to a size 6 in 3 months. A lot of questions were needing answered. I also had a really sore bum!

Over the next year, I was back and forward to my GP with still no diagnosis.

Along with weekly blood tests to try and catch any inflammation, I had to hand over many stool samples to my GP receptionist. At the age of 17 this was pretty awkward and embarrassing. After 5 years though, I class myself as a pro. In and out like a secret drug deal has taken place with Hilda* the receptionist – when in actual fact I have just handed her a paper bag containing a tube of my poo.

FYI – the docs provide you with a stool sample kit. It contains:

1 x metal tray dish thing
1 x wooden spatula
1 x cylinder tube
1 x pair of plastic gloves
A few name/ID stickers to stick on tube so your poo doesn’t go walk about

It never used to be that smooth though. To any newbies out there with IBD, I had many moments of wanting to run out of the doctors surgery and never return. On one exchange of poo, I over filled the tube, which caused a poo explosion on poor Hilda’s desk. It was like when mums refer to their baby’s nappy as a poonami. You would think that at that moment, I would of been left with a red face but surprisingly I wasn’t.  I like to think that was the moment the fear, embarrassment and awkwardness of the disease left me. Now I embrace the weird, poo situations I more often that not get involved in!

Now, I bet if you don’t have Crohn’s or Colitis you are pulling a face like UGH how disgusting – which is fine. I would of been to if I was to accidently stumble across a blog post like this. However I did warn you at the beginning, it’s your fault for continuing to read.

And if you know me, don’t be disgusted with me. I am human, I have quite good control of my bowels, I am not wearing nappies (yet) and please don’t think you can blame your sly farting on me in the pub – I know it’s you!






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