Sygn Cocktail Class

Sygn Bar and Kitchen, nestled on the corner of Charlotte Lane is my new favourite place to eat (chicken and chorizo pizza is out of this world) and drink. So, when I seen that they were advertising a FREE vodka cocktail class last Friday, I had to sign up!

Luckily for me there was space for myself and plus one to attend. Hope, loves vodka too so we were the perfect pair to go along and try some newly created cocktails.

On arrival the table was filled with shot glasses (oh no) and bottles of Zubrowka, you know the vodka with the stem of grass in it. The vodka was poured into the glasses and passed around us, keen, vodka lovers. We were told not to shot this but to sip slowly and guess what flavours were in it. Hope said coconut and was correct! To my surprise, the vodka never burnt my throat like other vodkas have in the past so I was sure I could easily (how wrong I was) sip away on another shot without wanting to gag. Shots and me don’t mix too well. img_8309

After a short discussion about Zubrowka, an apple flavoured cocktail was passed around. For this being a free event I was not expecting the full size cocktail I was handed. It had a resemblance to Appletizer but an adult version, served with a slice of apple – 8/10 for me!


Then another shot…Gag. Moving on…


Another cocktail arrived to the table that I wasn’t too keen on. I think possibly the egg whites put me off but it was free, so I drank it anyway. I would rate this a 5.5/10


No more shots thankfully, but platters of food were placed in front of us. If you haven’t ate at Sygn before, I suggest you book a table now. We were treated so mac and cheese bites, chicken wings, chicken goujons, mozzarella sticks and haggis balls. I was able to find space to work my way through the supply of nibbles even if I already had dinner prior to this event.


Next to arrive was the best cocktail of the night. A fruity vodka cocktail, served over ice with a raspberry. This one went down no problem – 9/10 and I hope to see it on Sygn’s cocktail menu soon!


After the cocktails, we stayed for another few drinks and got chatting to girls who were at our table. We agreed it was an excellent, free activity for a Friday night (or any night for that matter). Thanks Sygn, I will be back for pizza and a few of the cocktails pictured above.

*** Good news for all you Disaronno fans – a free cocktail night is taking place this Friday. Email for tickets! ***


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