What keeps me smiling!

The response from last weeks post was really sad, I didn’t want to make anyone feel like that. My aim was just to show that it is ok to have bad days and sometimes having to admit defeat to something, like fatigue, is quite alright.

As it is Friday, probably the best day of the week for office workers like myself. I thought I would take the morning to share a huge amount of things that make me happy in life – mainly food and home comforts.

  1. Top of the list has to be Russell, my boyfriend. He certainly knows how to keep me smiling.
  2. My family and friends.
  3. Coffee… and my Tassimo coffee machine.
  4. Having enough Costa points to buy a latte and a brownie (Costa have the best chocolate brownies. Fact.)
  5. The lovely Costa staff at Edinburgh Hanover St.
  6. Breaking the gold foil on a new jar of Nutella. Then eating it straight from the jar.
  7. Trying to reach 10 000 steps a day and the satisfying feeling I get when I do!
  8. Steve Martin in Father of the Bride.
  9. Steve Martin in Father of the Bride 2.
  10. Drives in the car, listening to Motown and the Drifters.
  11. Putting on a fresh pair of jammies and having a lazy day on the couch watching tv.
  12. Binge watching Say Yes to the Dress. Randy, I love you!
  13. Sunday night is Chinese take away night. The count down begins every Monday.
  14. Higgidy’s veggie rolls.
  15. Getting my nails done every 2 weeks.
  16. The excitement of booking a holiday and having a count down app.
  17. Having just booked to go to Florida… Struggling to contain my excitement!
  18. When on holiday, remembering to apply layers of sun cream and coming home NOT burnt. YAY.
  19. Dogs.
  20. Ordering a the biggest pizza on the menu. Then covering it in garlic mayo mmm.
  21. Waking up to sunny day just puts me in an instantly good mood.
  22. When the biscuit box at work is filled with good, quality biscuits. Example: Jaffa cakes, caramel wafers, hob nobs.
  23. The Bridge Inn macaroni cheese.
  24. When I have zero new emails. (hardly ever!)
  25. Instagram likes going from names to numbers.
  26. People understanding my Crohn’s!!!!
  27. Getting a seat on the train to and from work everyday.
  28. My phone lasting a full day, which is a rare occurrence.
  29. Drinking a vodka cranberry (it is healthy right? Stops UTIs right?)
  30. Edinburgh Gin – Especially the elderflower flavour.
  31. Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
  32. Buffets. Just buffets!
  33. My home town, Linlithgow. I am very lucky to live in a pretty place.
  34. The Bolton accent – thanks to Mr Danny Jones.
  35. Living the potato life, and getting away with it because I am ill.
  36. McFly.
  37. Reading a chiclit book by one of my many favourite authors. Lindsey Kelk, Giovanna Fletcher, Jane Green.
  38. Greggs chicken bakes.
  39. Buying new, well fitted jeans.
  40. My dads perfectly cooked egg and soldiers.
  41. Finding a bargain on eBay or in a charity shop.
  42. When books a 3 for £1 in charity shops.
  43. Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume.
  44. Entering competitions (sorry FB friends) then wining…
  45. Going out for dinner.
  46. Steak dipped into a béarnaise sauce.
  47.  Watching 90s TV shows – Home Improvement, Fresh Prince, Everybody loves Raymond etc.
  48. Going to the cinema (and getting an ice cream milkshake)
  49. TGI Fridays Jack Daniels crispy chicken.
  50. Annual leave!


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14 thoughts on “What keeps me smiling!

  1. Lovely to see a list of some of the simplier, yet finer things in life do make you smile. It’s perfectly normal to have those off days/weeks, but when you can be positive like this, it makes up for the blues.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh yes, I love to book a holiday and start the countdown!:) I must confess that I have got Tassimo coffee machine but I think capsules are overpriced, so it doesn’t make me smile:P


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