Feeling the love!

As it is Valentine’s Day, I thought I would get a little bit more soppier than usual and spread some love. I thought I would take some time this morning to say a BIG thank you and love you to a few special people in my life.

**Scroll to the bottom if it gets a bit much… Reading this back made me cringe ha **


Russell… I really have no idea what I would do without you. You are always on hand when my hot water bottle needs refilled, the toilet roll is running low and my clinginess is at a high. You put up with my ever changing food rules that resemble a fussy toddler, you never walk away when I start crying in the most awkward places (Aldi being the main venue for my tears) and you offer the most reassuring hugs ever. Thank you for being a little lazy potato like myself and never being annoyed when I just can’t be bothered dragging my bum out into the world.

The parents – Mum and Dad, You are always both on stand by with calls and texts to make sure I am ok. I have never had to ask for anything (other than a puppy… still waiting) I know you both worry lots, I appreciate your unconditional love millions. It has been a learning curve for all of us on this Crohn’s journey, and still is, but thank you for being there. From collecting my repeat prescriptions, handing over stool samples, being with me when I get my blood taken and telling me getting a camera ‘shoved’ up my bum will be ok. Thank you also for supplying Andrex toilet roll in both houses. My bum appreciates it more than you will ever know!

The step parents – Claire and Max, I probably rely on you both more than the parents above (haha!) You handle my ranting much better, you listen to me moan about my bowel habits without pulling faces and are always on hand for hugs. To Max, thank you for the offer of private health care – thank goodness that fistula fixed itself and to Claire, thank you for the constant reassurance and keeping my dad semi sane (ha!!) and how could I forget the surprise toilet roll present!

My friends… you never moan when I cancel last minute – THANK YOU. You are always there to listen with either coffee, alcohol or nachos in Lyndsay’s case, they are the best! I have had support from the lot of you for many, many years. Just know that I appreciate all the texts, meme tags and plenty Code memories.

All of my cousins/aunties/uncles… There is a lot so I am not even going to begin with names. Thank you for the support of this blog. I can always rely on the shares coming from a few of you. Having a big family means I can always cry to someone – usually Gemma, sorry Gemma! Providing me with endless food from macaroni to party bags of buffet food. It makes my day so much easier not having to cook. Did I ever mention I hate cooking.

The Murdoch Family… Thank you for welcoming my inflamed insides and I into your family. I have lucked out with being part of the most caring family ever.!


Sorry for the speech like post. I started typing and got slightly a bit carried away! Anyway, here is the short and sweet bit if you glazed over reading the above. Thank you and Love you to all my family and friends.

Less soppiness will resume tomorrow x


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