I was on the radio…

raising awareness for Crohn’s Disease!

I was interviewed by one of my best friends/news reader for Forth 1. I am pretty open about all things Crohn’s related so I was pretty sure I would be able to talk away with no problem, until the recorder was placed in front of me and I was unsure if the word diarrhoea was appropriate for the airways. Then giggles started.

I am not all high tech with how to get the recordings onto here.

Bear with me… For now, I shall just expand on some of the answers that were played out.

The first question was about the symptoms. Que me pausing to ask if I could say diarrhoea – because lets face it, that is a pretty big symptom of the disease. Along with constipation, bloody poo, piles, mucus, ulcers, fatigue, joint pain, fistulas, stomas, liver problems, UTIs….

I then talked about how I felt being diagnosed at the age of 17 after a year and a bit of uncertainty and ruling out other conditions. Back when I was diagnosed I never told anyone, I always had a sore tummy so would just say that. Now I like to be more detailed and see the look on peoples faces when I explain. They are usually shocked a 23 year old girl can be so open about her daily bowel movements without a red face.

Moving on, I covered how if you are struggling to be diagnosed, which can take AGES – push your doctor for every test available. Blood and Stool sample tests, Colonoscopy, CTE scans, MRE Scans, Small bowel enema, capsule endoscopy and more. They all sound scary, but worth it to get the results. I am the worst patient ever, so I found some challenging to say the least.

I also discussed how the disease affects my every day life. On the recording you can hear me giggle as I compare my body to an 80 year. Which it does feel like that on some days. Even worse it can feel like an 80 year old who has been hit by a bus. Ow!

The reaction I have received from being on the radio is really, really heart-warming. It is nice to see so many of my friends and family tune into hear me moan more publically about this yucky disease.

Anyway, thanks for listening and making me feel like a local celeb. I owe ya x





7 thoughts on “I was on the radio…

  1. awww well done hun… i don’t think id be brave enough to brace the radio. You did such a great thing thou, raising a issue about something not many know much about. should be proud of yourself x

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