Chronically Sarcastic

Monday again… So perfect excuse for a new Crohn’s Moans update. This time, lets talk about rude people.

I try really, REALLY, really hard to keep all sarcastic thoughts in my head, when people who haven’t got a clue about Crohn’s or Colitis voice their opinions. I usually acknowledge their inconsiderate thought with a sympathetic smile and a weak laugh -Haha very good.

However, I have been reading more and more discussions around the topic of people not even trying to comprehend what us ‘Crohnies’ go through. Here are a few examples of what I have had to answer, all while being polite of course. I keep all sarcasm for you readers only!


I wish I could have Crohn’s for a week, you know, just to loose a little bit of weight. Here, take my insides. I’d happily give you it for a week but I know you couldn’t even handle an hour. In reality, I would do anything to not be stuck to a toilet with bum sores.

You can eat what you want without weight gain. How lucky are you! Well actually, no I can’t eat what I want. I have to be very careful and limit everything. Oh how I miss Heniz tomato soup. Also, the truth is – food can pass through me at lightening speed, which then means no vitamins or good stuff is absorbed. I am really not a healthy human.

So lucky you don’t have to go to the gym. Yeah, so lucky I have the body of an 80 year old. Joint pain you rock getting me out of wearing lyrca and getting my sweat on. I CAN’T EVEN WALK WITHOUT HIP PAIN AT THE MOMENT!!!!!

I know how you feel, I had the sh*ts the other week. Just the sh*ts or did you have everything else that comes with Crohn’s Disease? Because I would consider just the sh*ts a walk in the park. A smelly park though.

Have you tried aloe vera? It cured my sister-in-laws, mothers, cousins, neighbour. Yes. Did it help, no.

I seen you out at the weekend, you can’t be that ill! I am ill all the time. Crohn’s just doesn’t come and go when it suits. I am the master of concealing pain mwah hahahaha.

SO, how would you react to these statements and questions? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please read this post with a pinch of humour. As I know most people try to understand, have done research and are always on hand for a hug when I have had a bad day.

Much love
Clair x




23 thoughts on “Chronically Sarcastic

    1. Sorry to hear you are ill too! I always try to look on the positive side but sometimes it is good to get it off my chest how annoying things can get. Thank you for reading x


  1. I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with these comments. I know someone that I am 99.9% sure would make the first two comments. So inconsiderate, it’s not a joke. I have intolerance to various foods and I think that’s bad enough. I can’t imagine what you have to experience x


  2. Aww Clair other folk always know best eh?? 😡😡😉😉 Love your blog, so honest and witty! You will get your own column in a big publication, I’m sure of it! You’re a wee star! 😊😊 xx

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  3. Oh dear oh dear… I had a friend with it and trust me it’s not something to wish. Let’s take the statement with a pinch of salt shall we … 😉


  4. I think people say things without even thinking, especially when it comes to health issues that they might see as having some ‘positive’ traits, i.e. weight loss. They don’t realise how unsympathetic and clueless they’re being though!

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