Domino’s is a no, no.

Sometimes you just have to be naughty!

Probably my number 1 bad habit is that I order far too many take-aways. Chinese or pizza always being at the top of my suggestions. However on the pizza front Domino’s is a big no no. Which sucks as I love Domino’s – Italian base, chicken and herbs topping covered with dollops of garlic and herb dip. It’s the perfect pizza. Sadly I can only fantasise about this, as actually eating the pizza can result in unsightly scenes.

As soon as I take my first bite, my stomach knows what storm is about to hit and it clenches and twists until I am running for dear life to the bathroom. SIGH.

So, I had made it into the third month of 2017 without even a sniff of my beloved Domino’s. Which is hard when I can see it from my livingroom window. The temptation is always there. Anyway, making it this far I thought I was doing good. That was until the glossy menu got slipped through my letterbox. (I enjoy reading menus – I could class it as a hobby if I was sad enough.) So, it was waiting patiently on the welcome map for me arriving home, tempting me to order. I thankfully refused and stuffed it into the junk drawer hopefully never to be seen again. That was until I needed cellotape, and oh hello out popped the menu. This time was different though – I couldn’t get the thought of pizza out my head. A shop bought (Aldi stuffed crust) was just not going to cut it this time.

Now it was time to convince Russell that HE really needed a Domino’s, not me, because well I am not meant to eat them.

Finally, we was game – after plenty convincing that this time will be different. I will not eat the whole pizza (in one go), I will not run to the toilet mid eating, I will also not moan. He needed a good feed before going on night shift too…

Pizza was ordered. I was excited.

Now once the pizza arrived, it was all a bit down hill from here (shock)! First bite, and guess what – My stomach started to reject the pizza goodness. I powered through like the pizza lover I am. I was committed and knew I could take painkillers to get me through the night – sorry doc, I know that is not what they are for. I also have 50 rolls of Andrex stock piled in the cupboard so I was all good on that front.

Moral of the story, I am now never eating Domino’s again.. Or at least until another menu falls through my letterbox. Ha!

Do you have any intolerances that sometimes you can’t resist staying away from? Let me know in the comments below.





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