Happy No Smoking Day!

Ok, we are starting off serious here – Just have to make clear at the start, before you read on… Yes, I work for a health charity but all views are my own – and information throughout this post is directly from the Crohn’s and Colitis UK website.

I going to attempt to link smoking and Crohn’s together to celebrate No Smoking Day.

There has been studies to suggest that smokers are more likely than non-smokers to develop Crohn’s Disease. If you already are a smoker and develop Crohn’s in later life, your smoking could be making your symptoms A LOT worse.

However on the other hand – smoking appears to decrease symptoms in Colitis. Weird huh! My advice would be: if you do suffer from Colitis do NOT to take up smoking to ease your pains, as tempting as it might be, but look into Nicotine Replacement. Less risky than inhaling lungful’s of tobacco smoke (as apparently it is the nicotine that eases the symptoms) Also, speak to your doctor for advice before starting any NRT as you might need to adjust your medication.

I am a non-smoker but I did grow up around second hand smoke. My grandparents were partial to the odd (20+ a day) ciggy. Shockingly I used to get them to be my own personal smoke machine while I thought I was the next Britney Spears prancing about, none the wiser to the umpteen chemicals floating around me.

I’m not entirely certain what caused me to develop Crohn’s, as no one officially knows but I do think being around second-hand smoke didn’t help.

If you do smoke (suffering with Crohn’s or not) and are looking to give up, it is never to late – your body starts recovering 20 minutes after your last cigarette!

Check out http://www.canstopsmoking.com/ for more info if you fancy a wee nosey at the benefits to stopping.


15 thoughts on “Happy No Smoking Day!

  1. I know nothing about either Crohns or Colitis but always open to learning new things and very grateful to not be a smoker! I have been around a lot of second hand smoke though and find myself trying to keep the Mini’s away from it as much as possible – even if it means arguing with family!

    Emmie xo


  2. I didn’t realise there was a National Non Smoking Day although I don’t smoke. I would have never thought that smoking would decrease symptoms of Colitis that is unusual you would think it might make it worse it not help it.


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