24 for things for a flare

To celebrate me turning 24 today (how did that happen?!) I thought I would list 24 things that I find helpful during a Crohn’s flares!

  1. Hot water bottles x 6 – one for my back, tummy, 2 sides, feet and a spare.
  2. Painkillers, lots of painkillers.
  3. Lucozade for energy to run to the bathroom.
  4. Granny pants for comfort over style.
  5. Bland food (McDonalds, mash potato or beige food items…)
  6. Clean jammies and it is ACCEPTABLE to leave the house in them.
  7. Hair bobbles for a messy bun look/don’t have to wash your hair.
  8. Someone to rub your back (Russell).
  9. A fluffy blanket for all my napping
  10. A coffee table to keep my tv remote handy.
  11. A Netflix account.
  12. Bubble bath – preferably Radox muscle relax.
  13. Toilet roll… Obviously!
  14. Andrex wet wipes.
  15. Sudocrem/Savlon – very handy.
  16. 3+ litres of water a day.
  17. IBD nurse on speed dial. No question is too stupid/disgusting to ask!
  18. A supportive family/friend network.
  19. Understanding work colleagues.
  20. Heat packs (B&M ones are the best!)
  21. A sick basin/bucket.
  22. Bonjela for mouth ulcers.
  23. Medication + vitamin tablets + protein shakes = a rattling body.
  24. Lying on the floor with my feet up.

What are your comforts when you are ill?


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