Living the potato life


I always refer to myself as a potato as I do very little when I am not working. You know, sit on the couch, blog occasionally, binge watch tv, feel extremely sorry for myself.

I have many aches and pains that aren’t necessarily noticeable. Yes, I am a bit whiter with a grey tinge to my skin (thank you fake tan – when I can be bothered) than the rest of my family members. However looking at me you can not see that I am ill. I look like a normal 24 year old.

My body struggles A LOT more than I let on. I have a constant daily battle with urine infections, blood loss, joint pain and mouth ulcers. On top of that dizziness, fistulas and the driest skin imaginable. I am a walking mess. Attractive – I know. Russell is oh so lucky to have a gal like me. Ha!

Anyway, last week I had the luxury of a full week free from work – yay for annual leave! I had plans/birthday celebrations but knew I would have to pace myself. Then Crohn’s struck (typical) and majority of plans were put on hold as I lay on the couch in pain. Thankfully I did manage to venture out near the end of the week to get my hair done, lunch with my mum and cuddles from little Freddie – which instantly made me fell better, along with a dose of painkillers.


the best thing I managed to do…?

I managed to pack a bag and head to my favourite place – BLACKPOOL. Which will be the topic of my next few posts no doubt!


Much love,
Clair x














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