Weight loss v Weight gain

My weight goes up and down so much that I have sections in my wardrobe ranging from a UK size 6 – UK 12. One of the many symptoms of Crohn’s Disease (not an eating disorder).

(Not even a year between this 2 pictures ^)

Right now I am a comfortable 8 on top, 10 on bottom. Which is great as I am not the healthiest eater and don’t venture near a gym – damn joints.

However, I am often involved in conversations about weight loss, detoxing and the latest slimming world recipe must have. Which then leaves me thinking, maybe I should try and be healthier? Yet, whenever I am healthy, I end up ill. Is it really worth eating well to lose a few pounds to end up toilet bound? I don’t think so. Pass me the Chinese menu pronto!

When I was at my lowest weight of under 7 stone, I wasn’t happy and in constant pain so why, oh why do I get an enormous rage of jealousy when someone states they  have lost a pound or two? I should be embracing the fact I can eat and enjoy food to a certain extent – sorry tomato soup, I am never eating you again – Or until I can have a self cleaning toilet. TMI? Sorry!

Clair 2013

(2013 – after a round of steroids ^)

Do NOT get me wrong, I wouldn’t say I need to lose mass amounts of weight. I would just like to put my jeans on without huffing and puffing! However, I could always put my bigger size ones on.

Clair 2014(Summer 2014 ^)

I suppose I could also cut out the endless junk that I shovel into my mouth. Nutella by the spoonful, pizza, crisps, chocolate, donuts, biscuits… that might make me feel better but I could also slap a layer of fake tan on – I am sure it has magic slimming properties!

Clair 2017(Me now – Happy and the healthiest I have been in a while! ^)

Anyway, the reason behind this post is to say I am embracing my inflamed, bloated, puffy body for now and enjoying all the junk food my body can handle.

Ps. if I see anymore slimming world quark recipes I will cry – they give me the fear!


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