Living with a Crohnie

home-sweet-home-clipart-2.jpgAs I mentioned in Monday’s post I am now living with a boy (!!!) After living in my cute, girly, pink flat for 2 years I have officially moved out and moved in with Russell.

Gone are the days of having the bathroom to myself, star fishing the bed and controlling the tv…

Actually to be honest I still do all of the above (much to Russell’s annoyance).

Anyway what have I learnt about flat sharing?


  1. You can never, ever, ever have enough toilet roll. A pack of 12 rolls for 2 people, one of whom has IBD isn’t even going to last a week.
  2. If you can’t decide on what to have for dinner, pizza is always the answer.
  3. You have to wash other peoples underwear.
  4. Your nice, expensive, LUSH beauty products will start to vanish faster than ever before….
  5. It kind of feels like you are playing ‘house’ (see pic below) but you have to deal with adult problems. You are the adult too, so you have to fix said problems! (or phone your closest relative when you nearly burn the flat down… oops!)
  6. Russell is the cook and I am the cleaner.
  7. Together we are rubbish at making decisions. “You pick”, “No you Pick”.
  8. Running to the M&S garage for late night snacks and toasties (next door) is costing us a fortune.
  9. I am adjusting surprising well to Russell’s 5am work alarm.

and last but not least

10. It is best to make up fast after an argument/disagreement!

Clair Russell
Playing house with Russ at playgroup.

All in all the I think the flat sharing is going well… I am sure Russell would agree to an extent – Although I am maybe a bit too messy, own too many clothes and sing badly in the shower!


33 thoughts on “Living with a Crohnie

  1. Eek i remember those first few months of living with a boy – its scary but so exciting at the same time! Enjoy it! xx


  2. Men that cook are the sexiest! Seriously, hang on to him. Even if he does get up at 5 am. Oh dear .. I can’t function much before 9. ps: Good luck .. your sweet post made me smile


  3. When I got married, I found it really weird to share my bed with other. Up until now..I secretly feel so happy when he go for business trip as I can own my bed by myself again (oh dear..i feel really bad about it).


  4. Haha aw that is so cute, congrats on the move. It did make me laugh when you said if you don’t know what to have for dinner then pizza is for dinner. It reminds me of when I was living with uni friends, believe me we ate a hell of a lot of pizza x


  5. Aw what an exciting time for you. Best of luck in your new home together. I’ve been living on my own for a couple of years now (well with my daughter) but don’t know how I feel if a boy ever moved in again!


  6. Cute post and I hope you and your guy have great times together . It sound like you are getting on very well despite all the pointers you have listed. Although the 5am alarm call is a bit of a drag… Ha ha!


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