Happy Birthday Dad!

Dear mon père,

Happy ’44th’ Birthday!

You might be the biggest pain in the bum sometimes (minus Crohn’s) but you are also the best Dad ever. You are king of the thumb head selfies, cook the best egg and soldiers (who knew boiling an egg could be so difficult) and are always on hand to help with whatever anyone needs help with. I could keep going but I would be here for days.

Anyway as it is your birthday I thought I would share with my readers some of your selfies and style through out your 54… I mean 44 years on earth. You can actually see you lose your hair over the years – I hope baldness isn’t hereditary! It is also payback for all the bad pictures you post of me.

Dad 2
When your head and face had plenty hair!



Dad 4
Did you hair start to thin as soon as I was born?!



Dad 3
A thumb selfie in Barcelona



Dad 5
The facial hair has reappeared… slightly less colourful than before!


Dad 6
You cannot deny that we are related!

Looking forward to celebrating tomorrow. I have everything crossed that the Scottish sun will stay at least one more day.

Lots of love
your delightful daughter, Clair x




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