Today is World IBD day, and if you know me I like to find any excuse to celebrate!

So today (and Saturday), I am raising awareness and celebrating the 300, 000 people in the UK alone who are battling against IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

To the Crohnie’s who are silently suffering, dealing with endless needles and having to poo into sample jars on a regular basis. To the ones undergoing life changing surgery, to the newly diagnosed who thinks their life will be over because they have to deal with poo – We deserve this day to acknowledge and be proud of how great we actually are.

I feel by doing this blog I am able to give an insight into my sometimes sh*tty life by keeping it real and answering your questions. The IBD world is scary place! I know too well the fear of being handed leaflets about Stomas, colonoscopies, fistulas and liquid diets. I know the feeling when someone says “I have IBS I know how you feel” (queue eye roll) and Oh how I know the feeling of disappointing people – THAT is just the worst.

But listen Crohnies – we have got this. We have the best attitude, the best fighting spirit and probably are the best at grossing people out (hehe)!

Now lets get upbeat….

So what celebration plans are on the table tonight?

Once home from work (I went back on Wednesday and yes, I am still peeing poo) I will be putting my jammies on and pouring myself a glass of prosecco that has been chilling in my fridge since last weekend and popping RuPaul on Netflix. A big hooray for making it through the week!

Then tomorrow?

In the morning a new post about a ‘Day in the Life’ should be live on the blog. Might be a good Saturday morning read… on the toilet?

At night, I am planning on going out and drinking maybe one to many gins – gasp! Alcohol will sterilize my urine though(?) Miss pooey pee pants over here will be out dancing the night away and don’t worry if I bump into you – I promise I wont poo myself in your presence < a legitimate comment from someone! I will also be donning fake tan to look less corpse like and might even be wearing a nappy ( I joke!!!) I have a new dress from ASOS that would totally give me a visible nappy line.

Clair cartoonNow before you ask ‘Should you be doing that’ or my mum reads this and texts saying ‘nooooooo stay home’ don’t worry! I shouldn’t even drink coffee, eat solid food or venture near anyone with a cold, but I do.

AND in the off chance I end up ill… again… I will do what us Crohnie’s do best and power through.

So here is to all of us suffering with Crohn’s, Colitis or any other bowel disease. We have got this!

Now where did I put the gin…..?



10 thoughts on “#LiveWellwithIBD

  1. I love that you are so open about it all, its the only way things will ever change and people will realise that you can carry on as normal most of the time.


  2. You have such a wonderful positive attitude! Hope you had a great night out and it’s great you are raising awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and how to live with a condition x


  3. Great that you stay so upbeat and are spreading awareness for digestive diseases. My dad has IBS and I know how debilitating it can be 😦


  4. I LOVE gin! Haha. Unfortunately, I am pausing on the alcohol, while I try my new chemo regimen. If my next labs still show that my liver is stressed, then I know it’s not three weekend cocktails. πŸ™‚ stay positive! Thanks for sharing.


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