Gin in Edinburgh

As the sun had (it is now gone) made an appearance over Scotland, what better way to make the most of it than in a beer garden?

Russell came and met me after work and we headed to fill our stomach at the new Miller and Carter on Frederick St (opposite my work – lucky me) Anyway, I am not really meant to eat red meat… but I did and enjoyed every bite. Totally worth the stomach pains. After a meal fit for a king – side of macaroni is a must – and a glass or two of prosecco (free if you sign up to their website!) We headed along to the West End.

Gin 71

By sheer chance we came across a gin bar, Gin71. Located on the edge of Charlotte Square we popped in and asked if we could sit outside in the shade… as we are both ginger skinned. It seemed like we were the first customers but the place sure filled up fast. This bar was a fab find!

My first cocktail was an award winning ‘ Irn Bro’ it faintly tasted like Irn Bru and was really strong. It was certainly too strong for me to order again so I settled for a Rhubarb Collins – 10/10 for me. Russell kept it manly with pints of Pravha.

Irn BroRussell

Our table was also supplied with popcorn (oh oh, another food on my DON’T EAT list) and water. The staff were very attentive. I did notice the couple next to us drinking gin cocktails out of a china teapot so I will be getting that next time, even if I have to drink it all myself.

We headed home after that as Russ was working Saturday at 6am. I however, was heading back into Edinburgh with my step dad for a Harry Potter tour.

The tour was so magical we couldn’t even find it so went to Camera Obscura instead… then a few pubs down the Royal Mile where my drink of choice was Rhubarb and Ginger Edinburgh Gin with Lemonade – very refreshing!

Camera 2

Camera 1

The rain was starting to spit so decided to call it a day and head for the train home. Which we happened to miss by a few minutes. This meant we could go for one last drink. Max picked the Balmoral which is very fancy smancy. At ยฃ13.50 a cocktail I was sure it would be good, and it was great! I settled for a vanilla infused vodka one and Max had a berry mojito. I would say these were the best of the weekend!

Balmoral 2

What is your favourite cocktail?



25 thoughts on “Gin in Edinburgh

  1. ooo this sounds like a great day out to me! the vanilla infused vodka sounds amazing, I am definitely missing the cocktails right now!


  2. How lucky are you to live in such an amazing city? Although I love living in the countryside I do miss having things like pubs and restaurants within walking distance.


  3. I wish I had known about this bar when we were in Edinburgh, but then we had the kids with us so probably wouldn’t have indulged. The camera obscura looks fun


  4. Your cocktails sound and look great. My favourite is a Whisky Sour, maybe a Brandy Sour if there’s not whisky left in the house! Elinor x


  5. I love Gin and I love cocktails we have been drinking mojitos this bank holiday in the sunny garden


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