Meeting Giovanna Fletcher


I finally got to meet Giovanna Fletcher at her meet and greet for her latest book ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ at the Ghillie Dhu. I have to admit not having a baby or the fact I am not preggo made me question if attending would be ok. I did tweet Giovanna to ask, and she confirmed I made her chuckle (ahh!) and no I didn’t need to have a baby.

I was with my old school friend Becca and we arrived at the venue promptly for it starting at 7pm. We were greeted by a long queue of mainly women but a few men were dotted throughout. The queue spiralled up a beautiful staircase which lead into a function room. At the top of the stairs we were welcomed in by staff from Waterstones, they checked our names on a list and handed over a goodie bag – I love a freebie so I was already in my element. The paper bag was branded with Giovanna’s book name and contained a copy of the book, a chocolate biscuit (yay) and Burt’s Bees samples. Lucky us!


We were able to get a seat 4 rows away from the front. I made sure to get an aisle seat as you know… I have pesky insides. An added bonus was that the room had a fully stocked bar, so obviously we had to have a gin while we waited for Giovanna to step on stage.

Giovanna was welcomed onto the stage with not one but two round of applauses. I could of kept clapping that I was in such awe.


She spoke about the book (duh) and gave a wonderful insight into her family life with Tom, Buzz and Buddy. I also learned that I am so not ready for babies!

The floor was then open to questions. One of the few men there piped up that he is a deep sleeper and did not think he would wake up if his baby was crying. Everyone started laughing. The poor guy. Luckily he was reassured that he probably would wake up. Phew!

After half a dozen questions, it was time for the book signing to begin. Everyone leapt up from their seats and darted to the table. I was happy to wait as I had Becca and a Nutella cupcake to keep me company. We were also given extra samples so it was worth the wait to get our hands on a couple more Burt’s Bees items. As the scrum of people died down, we made our way into the queue.


Before I knew it I was at the front…

My book already had a post it note stuck to the inner cover with my name and correct spelling – My bug bear is when people put an E at the end of my name. Thankfully beforehand the man from Waterstones asked everyone who they would like the book to be address to. My book was handed over to Giovanna and I smiled for a photo or two. We had a chat about Nutella, as Nutella is life obviously and I thanked her for her time. Inside I was screaming but I think I kept my cool… just.

Thanks Giovanna for coming to Scotland – I had a brilliant night x