The Festival Village

Last week I went to my very first bloggers event. Check me out, I am actually classed as a blogger. Anyway, the meet up was taking place at the Festival Village on top of Waverley Mall which I walk by every day on my way to work. The area always seems to be bustling with people enjoying a drink, food and live music so I was glad to get this opportunity to try out what was on offer.


We met at Fizz and Pearl which serves seafood and champagne… Yes, I was wining and dining on Moet and Oysters. Well not quite, as fish gives me the fear but the bubbles certainly went down a treat.

The atmosphere at Fizz and Pearl is very laidback. There are heaters dotted about to keep warm, comfy couches and a basket of fleece blankets you can help yourself to – perfect for cosying up. The menus, especially the alcohol one, have a wide range on offer. I went for a peachy gin cocktail and it tasted of summer – at £9 for one though I could only afford a few ha!


There was talk of halloumi fries in the group so I went on a mission to try and find some. They were being served up by The Pitt Market along with steak and fries. This was probably the toughest decision of the night. Instead of picking, I settled on both. For photography purposes of course… wink wink.

This area of the Festival Village seemed to be more lively with pop up beer tents and live music from Malones. I tried to pose for candid blogger photos with the scenic views but failed miserably!

Now, this wouldn’t be a Crohn’s in the City post if the toilet situation never got a mention. The toilets are Portaloos but clean Portaloos with plenty loo roll and hand towels.


After a toilet trip and a belly full of halloumi, Megan and I ventured over to Malones. You get hit with the Irish bar charm as soon as you step in. I spied Tatyo crisps on a shelf so will be returning to stock up. We both got a spirit and mixer each and buried our way into the crowds to find a seat. The singer was good belting out classics you could easily sing along to. As I was people watching my gaze landed on Pizza Geeks. I know, I bet you are thinking “how could you be hungry?” but for pizza I couldn’t refuse. I wondered over and ordered a cheese pizza. Again, for photo purposes only I told myself. It was made right in front of me in minutes from stretching the dough to baking in a fire pitt. For £6 the pizza was a decent size but could of done with a wee bit more cheese. I would eat another one, possibly the ‘Braveheart’.

It was getting dark but the atmosphere was still buzzing. The fireworks from the Tattoo started to go off so I took that as a sign to head home. Top tip – you get a really food few from the Butcher Boy stand which sadly I never got to try. At least it gives me a reason to return.

After all that food and drink I nearly had to be rolled home. Thanks Festival Village for letting me come along and to the Edinburgh Bloggers for answering my many questions!





Pudding of my Dreams

I have been eyeing up Civerino’s at Hunter Square for over a year now. The main selling point? They have a Nutella calzone. Yip, a calzone filled with Nutella-y goodness. My prayers have been answered!

As it is currently the Edinburgh Festival and town is heaving, we did not expect to get a table without having to wait. Lucky for us we were sat straight away and drinking a slushy of the day cocktail within minutes. The slushy went down a treat – Vodka, Aperol and Blood Orange.

Civ 4

We sat outside to take in the buzz of the festival. The tables are long and you are sharing with other people. Not that we minded as we could drool over everyone’s food as it came out. You get a heck of a load of chips as a side by the way!

We decided our best option would be to share a pizza so we would have room for the main reason we came… the Nutella Calzone.

We went for a boring margherita. This pizza, for having no additional toppings was pretty good – Light, crispy and plenty cheese. The tomato base was also sweet which I liked! I was temped by one with rump steak – that is what I will be ordering next time as I will definitely be back.

Civ 3

As we had mentioned to the waiter when we arrived about the Nutella calzone we did not have to wait long for it to arrive. The servers we had could not off been more attentive if they tried. The calzone was placed between us, along with a  pizza cutter and a cup of whipped cream. It was better than I could have expected.

Obviously I had to make Russell wait as I Instagramed and Bommeranged the life out of the thing, then tucked in. My mouth stuffed with Nutella and cream, I gave Russell a big grin from over the table. This is the best moment of my life I thought… or until I come across another Nutella recipe. All I can say is it was YUM.

Civ 5

Civerino’s was a busy place but we didn’t feel rushed to leave. To be honest I could of sat much longer if it wasn’t for the fact I had ate so much I thought I was going to explode. I was so full I thought Russell would have to roll me home.

The bill came to 30 odd pound for 2 alcoholic drinks, a 14inch pizza and the calzone (which could of easily fed 4) – I thought was very reasonable.

The calzone is now all I can think/talk about…. Thanks Civerino’s for creating the pudding of my dreams!



Dining with a Crohnie

I love food, I really do, but reading this post you are going to think are you sure? You seem like a barrel of laughs to go out for a meal with… I promise it’s all good if the rules in my head are stuck to!

If not I usually grin and bare it so you would probably never know I am on the edge of break down (ha!)

I try and go out for dinner as much as possible. It’s something I have loved to do since I was little. Anything from a bar lunch to something more formal I am always willing to give it a try – as long as there is bread rolls on the table as back up.

So what are my fears, rules and weirdness when it comes to dining out with me? Well…

  1. I always read the menu before I go anywhere. I don’t do being spontaneous when it comes to eating. I will usually have a first, second and pudding option picked out and ready to fire to the waiter. I don’t do waiting as it gives me time to overthink!
  2. Sharing food gives me the fear. I am a bit like Joey from friends, although it’s not because I am greedy I just don’t want your germs. I will share with Russell, close friends and family but that is pushing it.
  3. I like to distract myself while eating. I have to either be talking, watching TV or in a deep thought about something – I tend to glaze over. If not I end up focusing on what I am eating the end up in pain.
  4. My stomach is always making noises. It is not necessarily because I am hungry. It can sound like a whale calling… It can be embarrassing when it grumbles in the office.


  1. Majority of the time I am full after 2 bites. I have had to train myself again to eat more. It is kind of like mind of matter. I am continually telling myself ‘I CAN do this!’
  2. I will ALWAYS find something wrong with a meal. I use this as an excuse to not have to finish it. Russell is always on hand to eat my leftovers though.
  3. I don’t cope well if my food is touching or if someone else (Russell) mushes their food together.
  4. I would happily live on puddings for the rest of my life.
  5. If going out for a meal I like to know every detail as my anxiety goes through the roof – Who is going, what are they eating, do they share food, do they do starters, where will we be sitting, are we staying for pudding, will they comment on my eating habits, do they know I am this weird (hahaha), is the toilet near by, will they judge me if I don’t eat my vegetables….
  6. I will only eat things made my certain people (although I am working on this one). For example, I will only eat my dads omelettes or my mums sandwiches.

Now please don’t let this list put you off inviting me out. If I don’t eat I am quite happy enjoying your company… maybe even with a glass of gin in my hand!


Eating my way through May

Bridge 49 Cafe Bar & Bistro: Breakfast with a view. Situated on the Union Canal at Linlithgow you can watch barges float past while you tuck into a full breakfast. Great for lunch and dinner too. Recently won a regional award for best restaurant in Edinburgh and the Lothian’s.

Smoke Stack: Perfect place for brunch in central Edinburgh. Waiter sorted our problems quickly (cold waffles) and made a good latte, although they don’t have syrups.

smoke stack

Miller and Carter: I was pleasantly surprised how good the steak was being that it is a chain but would 100% go back. You do get a funny wedge of lettuce to start with… but a side portion of mac and cheese is a must! Also, follow them on social media – they are very good at communicating!

miller and carter 2

Bar Soba: A quirky venue on Hanover St, serving  Pan Asian street food. It was recommended to me by my work colleague and I was so glad I went. Food is spicy so I would have water for the table if you are scared of spice like me (ha!) I got the chicken satay and I am already trying to get a date to go again – it was THAT GOOD. Fab cocktail menu soba

Sygn Bar: My go to place for food! It is always the top of my suggestions when anyone asks for recommendations. I love the mix and match style of this menu – It would definitely suits a picky eater like me. I would recommend the porkie fries, chicken and chorizo pizza and the haggis bon bons with a frozen candy cosmo on the side.


Boozy Cow (Stirling): Dining with no cutlery! (you can ask for it if needed) Basically handed a roll of kitchen roll and a tray of food to dive in to. It is a great place and the Edinburgh one is situated across from my work (it supplies my weekly Nutella milkshake fix) My personal favourite is the Philli cheese steak. For sides I  get Onion rings the size of my face served with thousand island dip and skinny fries. You do have the option of sweet potato ones too but I ate so many I can no longer face them. Boozy milkshakes are a must here – Chocolate salty caramel balls is the best one (I have tried them all!)

boozy cow

Do you have any recommendations for where I should dine this month? TIA!

Domino’s is a no, no.

Sometimes you just have to be naughty!

Probably my number 1 bad habit is that I order far too many take-aways. Chinese or pizza always being at the top of my suggestions. However on the pizza front Domino’s is a big no no. Which sucks as I love Domino’s – Italian base, chicken and herbs topping covered with dollops of garlic and herb dip. It’s the perfect pizza. Sadly I can only fantasise about this, as actually eating the pizza can result in unsightly scenes.

As soon as I take my first bite, my stomach knows what storm is about to hit and it clenches and twists until I am running for dear life to the bathroom. SIGH.

So, I had made it into the third month of 2017 without even a sniff of my beloved Domino’s. Which is hard when I can see it from my livingroom window. The temptation is always there. Anyway, making it this far I thought I was doing good. That was until the glossy menu got slipped through my letterbox. (I enjoy reading menus – I could class it as a hobby if I was sad enough.) So, it was waiting patiently on the welcome map for me arriving home, tempting me to order. I thankfully refused and stuffed it into the junk drawer hopefully never to be seen again. That was until I needed cellotape, and oh hello out popped the menu. This time was different though – I couldn’t get the thought of pizza out my head. A shop bought (Aldi stuffed crust) was just not going to cut it this time.

Now it was time to convince Russell that HE really needed a Domino’s, not me, because well I am not meant to eat them.

Finally, we was game – after plenty convincing that this time will be different. I will not eat the whole pizza (in one go), I will not run to the toilet mid eating, I will also not moan. He needed a good feed before going on night shift too…

Pizza was ordered. I was excited.

Now once the pizza arrived, it was all a bit down hill from here (shock)! First bite, and guess what – My stomach started to reject the pizza goodness. I powered through like the pizza lover I am. I was committed and knew I could take painkillers to get me through the night – sorry doc, I know that is not what they are for. I also have 50 rolls of Andrex stock piled in the cupboard so I was all good on that front.

Moral of the story, I am now never eating Domino’s again.. Or at least until another menu falls through my letterbox. Ha!

Do you have any intolerances that sometimes you can’t resist staying away from? Let me know in the comments below.




The Pitt Market on Pitt Street

As I have no exciting plans for my day till later and Russell is working an extra shift, I thought I’d fire out another post while lazing in front of the tv. (I’ve already finished Gilmore Girls!!)

A few Saturdays ago I ventured down to Leith to attend the weekly Pitt Market. Where you can try a range of street food from different food trucks and sample a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. All while listening to live music and huddled around open pit fires. I had stalked the market for a long time on Instagram so I was very glad when I had a free weekend to finally attend. Check them out here – the photos will definitely make you want to brave the cold and head down!


On arrival I was greeted with a friendly welcome from a human and a dog – yes dogs are allowed, another reason to go. I paid £1 to get in and I could stay as long as I wanted to ( I managed a few hours, until I lost all feeling in my toes!)  I had researched before hand so I knew what trucks were attending. Thankfully the week I was able to go Rost were there. I have sampled their wonderfully, cheesey macaroni ‘baws’ before so was hyped to be able to have them again. They are worth the risk of clogged arteries – believe me!

However my first stop was with Chick + Pea for some falafel served on a good few dollops of humus. This was my first time trying humus and I have been eating it ever since. I was classing this as a starter but the portion size was very generous and certainly could of been a main.


I now needed a refreshment to go with the falafel so wandered over to a makeshift cocktail bar. The bar man was very informative about spirits – but you know me, I drink anything really. I ordered ‘Bizon Cooler’ which was on the specials board. It contained vodka, peach, passion fruit and apple. It did it’s magic in warming me up a little bit.



Also, another thing with being cold is it makes me need to pee instantly. I was pleasantly surprised with the loos though. Not something I thought I would ever say about an outside event. Let me reassure you, that the toilets at the Pitts where a lot cleaner than your average Portaloo. A nice touch of art work hanging on the wall too!

Next, was time for a main course and where else to head than Rost. I never ordered macaroni ‘baws’ though. I went for the steak and chips after smelling it cooking on the bbq. It was £7 for a paper container stacked with chips and a good helping of perfectly cooked steak. It also came with a generous blob of garlic mayo (something I shouldn’t eat but enjoyed far too much) and a pile of healthy greens which I slyly hid in my napkin. That meal was worth every penny. I would certainly consider hiring them if I ever need catering. Obviously while eating steak another drink was needed. I settled on a pint, but it was a tough call between a cold beer or a glass of rose.


I was starting to feel a little bit full at this point and beer makes me bloated so I had to pick my next meal very carefully. Do I go for a hot dog the size of my forearm or go for a pudding?

Pudding won.

Parked near the entrance was a crème brûlée truck. It was a must. They had 4 options on offer: salted caramel brownie, cookie smores, hazelnut and white choc or original. This was the toughest decision of the day so far. Very kindly, I was able to mix to flavours to create a salted caramel, cookie smore crème brûlée. The more sugar the better!

image image

I ate my brûlée by an open pit fire but by this point I was starting to get very cold so sadly had to call it a day! It was now dark by this point and the market was twinkling away with lots of fairy lights and there was a relaxed atmosphere which definitely made it hard to leave (next time I was be wearing more layers)

Next year I will be back… More than once!



sh*ts and gigs

Q.How do you survive a gig with chronic fatigue and inflamed insides?
A. With great difficulty.

Although here I am to tell the tale…

My plan was to laze around before hand and use as little energy as possible. As the gig was in Glasgow, we planned ahead and booked a night in a hotel to take the pressure of relying on the ever so trustworthy Scotrail. Thanks Abode Glasgow for your hospitality – even if your lift was broken, and I had to climb 3 flights of stairs. That took a dent in the energy fund. Luckily, the bed was like lying on a cloud so I was able to dose while Russell enjoyed the rugby before we had to consider making moves to the 02 Academy.

IMG_7597 (2).JPG

We were able to have a few drinks in the room before hand while I was getting ready. I enjoyed a few cans of Tesco Woo Woo – classy. Chase and Status tweeted the time they were due on stage so we were in no rush to head out as they weren’t coming on till 21:45. We left around 9pm and as it was freezing outside agreed on a taxi to take us instead of walking. This meant more energy for jumping around too! The reception staff were very accommodating in phoning a taxi and it arrived in minutes. No hanging about.


I had already had a few drinks with my lunch at TGIs then those wee cans so I was feeling slightly tipsy – I am a lightweight at the best of times. Russell was merry with a good few pints.

We were in a que for a while as the bouncers did a very thorough search of everyone – Thankfully my Solpodol was allowed in. First thing first once I had been reunited with Russell was pee. Yip, I had to brave public toilets and I’d broken the seal so this was going to be a regular occurrence during the night. They were fully stocked with loo roll and reasonably clean… just. It was the start of the night mind you. Toilets give me the fear even though I spend a good amount of time perched on them.

Anyway, after that it was drink time. This night could of went either of two ways. I have one more drink and want my bed, or it sends me the other way and I am able to dance the night away. Alas it was the latter. Yay!

My fragile body probably shouldn’t be attending gigs like Chase and Status but hey, I hate letting it hold me back. Thank goodness for painkillers (which surprisingly I managed without until the next day) I survived an hour and a half of jumping, pushing and shouting –  I loved every minute. We were down the front for most of the gig but soon worked out the bar at the back sold vodka, so lingered around there while topping up our alcohol levels. Probably another thing I shouldn’t be doing… My bad!


I had the best time… That was until I woke up in the grumpiest of moods the next morning, with a body that felt like it had been hit by a train and a very dodgy tummy thanks to the pineapple juice in my cocktails. Lovely! Poor Russell managed to put up with me on the train home, along with his raging hangover.

So, another example of not holding back on enjoying life!

Now to catch up on my sleeeeep….. zzzzz.