Welcome to the House of Fun…

On Friday the skies stayed clear (thank goodness) and I jumped about to Madness at Falkirk Stadium.

I was surprised I knew so many of their songs besides One Step Beyond, House of Fun and Baggy Trousers (which I danced to in a dance show many moons ago – wearing baggy joggy bottoms of course). Anyway, the crowd was amazing as Madness sang away. I am sure Suggs is my local UPS driver in disguise, they look too similar.

Madness 2

Toilet queues were not a problem for Joanne and myself as I used it to my advantage to use the disabled. The toilet paper was a funny yellow colour… hmm. The staff were great and never questioned why I was using them as I just flashed them my card.

We did miss the start of One Step Beyond but ran into the crowd to catch the end. The place was mental during that song.ย At the end of It Must be Love, a piper took to the stage where we all belted out 2 versus of Flower of Scotland… not so many people knew the third!

Madness 5

What I loved about this event was alcohol wasn’t limited to beer or wine – You could get spirits, or a whole bottle of Prosecco! However I did end up being ‘classy’ with a tin or two of warm Tennent’s. I decided to take the risk and pay for being daft in the morning.

The queue for a drink was pretty long as they only had one stand at one side of the pitch next to the portaloos so queues were getting mixed up. They were strict with ID too which with my baby face meant getting IDed on many occasions – I suppose it is a good thing though!

Madness 4


And to top of a perfect evening, I got a toastie on the way home to eat in my jammies with my feet up!