Pudding of my Dreams

I have been eyeing up Civerino’s at Hunter Square for over a year now. The main selling point? They have a Nutella calzone. Yip, a calzone filled with Nutella-y goodness. My prayers have been answered!

As it is currently the Edinburgh Festival and town is heaving, we did not expect to get a table without having to wait. Lucky for us we were sat straight away and drinking a slushy of the day cocktail within minutes. The slushy went down a treat – Vodka, Aperol and Blood Orange.

Civ 4

We sat outside to take in the buzz of the festival. The tables are long and you are sharing with other people. Not that we minded as we could drool over everyone’s food as it came out. You get a heck of a load of chips as a side by the way!

We decided our best option would be to share a pizza so we would have room for the main reason we came… the Nutella Calzone.

We went for a boring margherita. This pizza, for having no additional toppings was pretty good – Light, crispy and plenty cheese. The tomato base was also sweet which I liked! I was temped by one with rump steak – that is what I will be ordering next time as I will definitely be back.

Civ 3

As we had mentioned to the waiter when we arrived about the Nutella calzone we did not have to wait long for it to arrive. The servers we had could not off been more attentive if they tried. The calzone was placed between us, along with aย  pizza cutter and a cup of whipped cream. It was better than I could have expected.

Obviously I had to make Russell wait as I Instagramed and Bommeranged the life out of the thing, then tucked in. My mouth stuffed with Nutella and cream, I gave Russell a big grin from over the table. This is the best moment of my life I thought… or until I come across another Nutella recipe. All I can say is it was YUM.

Civ 5

Civerino’s was a busy place but we didn’t feel rushed to leave. To be honest I could of sat much longer if it wasn’t for the fact I had ate so much I thought I was going to explode.ย I was so full I thought Russell would have to roll me home.

The bill came to 30 odd pound for 2 alcoholic drinks, a 14inch pizza and the calzone (which could of easily fed 4) – I thought was very reasonable.

The calzone is now all I can think/talk about…. Thanks Civerino’s for creating the pudding of my dreams!