Party at the Palace 2017

It is still weird that a festival this big, one that Kaiser Chiefs and Amy McDonald headlined, took place in my hometown. This was my 3rd year attending but first being a VIP – all thanks to my wonderful friend Hope. We had Saturday tickets so we got to see Teen Canteen, Noisettes and Ash to name a few.


Party at the Palace or PATP for short is a family festival so it caters to kids with amusements, climbing walls and sweet stalls. For the adults you have alcohol tents and more alcohol tents (yay!)

The festival is located at the back of Linlithgow Loch overlooking the Palace. As the sun set the view was amazing. The field is split into two areas with 3 stages: The Main Stage, the Sun Break Out and the Acoustic Stage. Altinak were on the Break Out stage at 2pm, they are a local band and gathered great support!


The Saturday was busy and we got to mingle with a few names in the VIP tent… Susan Boyle and Gok Wan. However, we left them to enjoy their day as I worked through some Glen’s premium vodka and lemonade. I think most alcoholic drinks were priced at £5 which is pretty good considering. We did have to keep asking bar staff to top up our lemonade as they were making them strong!PATP5

There was a wide range of food. Not just your usual burger and chips which was a nice change. Hope and I went for chicken pakora supplied by the local Indian, Dehli Winter. Everyone was after the pakora so there was a wait but it was definitely worth it as you got 6 BIG pieces for £6. Vegan options and smoothies were also on offer.

Now, I know why you are really here… the toilets. As I was in VIP I got to use the ‘posh’ loos. They were indeed posh. Kitted out with White Company hand soap AND moisturiser – Luxury or what?! I didn’t even need to use my emergency wet wipes as there were toilet roll refills throughout the day. The queues for the normal portaloos seemed to go fast and spilt between men and women.


To get the VIP area, Hope and I had been walking through the artist area – Oops. If only McFly had been performing then I really would have been trying to get in there! I was quickly pointed in the right direction on one of my mad dashes to the loo.

We didn’t spend much time in the VIP area as we preferred the buzz of being near the main stage. Luckily we found Hope’s family who had come prepared with camping chairs (tip for next time – bring chairs!)

PATP4For Kaiser Chiefs taking to the stage at 8.30pm we worked our way into the crowd. Only to stumble upon my mum and step dad. As soon as Kaiser Chiefs took to the stage the field was bouncing to their hits. I loved them back in the day so it was great I remembered so many songs. Ricky gave his all getting the crowd screaming, balancing on the drum kit and demanding attention in his yellow jacket (I need one).


It is great to have such a great turn out to a local event. The support from local businesses is good to see too, especially Dehli Winter as they have a new customer in me (even if it is just for pakora!)

Thanks organisers of PATP – see you next year for turning 5!






Festivaling with a Crohnie

So, after watching Glastonbury over the weekend, I got proper festival envy. I spent Sunday watching George Ezra on TV feeling sorry for myself. T in the Park was my summer holiday for a few years but sadly that is no more!


I have been lucky to attend my local festival, Party at the Palace and had great fun. They were great with my invisible illness and let me use the ‘posh’ loos instead of the smelly ones. For it being held in my little town, some big names have been at it. The Proclaimers, Nile Rogers (Chic), The Feeling and many more. This year we have The Kaiser Chiefs who I LOVED back in the day. Yay. Fingers crossed they have the same great staff as before, and I can sneak to the posh loos – maybe bump into Gok Wan on the way? Festival 1You can camp at PATP but as I have a flat near by I don’t need to. Although I would say the camp site has always been the best part of T in the Park.

Now when I told people I was camping at T in the Park, many looked at me with confusion and fear. “No way will you manage”, “Have you seen the toilets???”, “You will hate it!”

To be honest – I was fine. Yes the toilets where stinking but that could easily be blocked by stuffing baby wipes up your nose. Hand sanitizer was a god send and I was really one too many ciders drunk (sorry mum!) to care.


The first year I camped, I upgraded to the VIP toilets and showers. I put fresh make up every day and flowers in my hair. I was looking for that perfect Instagram festival photo but by my second year I just walked around like a minger and had a baby wipe shower in the morning (you can never back to many wipes!) My make up was limited and I never even used dry shampoo. I was a total tink but had the best time! The clothes I packed where a lot less than the first time too – I took a suitcase on my first TITP trip. It was packed with outfit options, pot noodles, ham sandwiches and enough loo roll to tee pee the whole campsite (when in reality I was keeping it for my poor bum). After the trek I learnt very quickly less is more AND you can live on chips, cheese & curry sauce without getting a pain.


As Crohnie what are my top tips for keeping up with the festival goers?

  1. Pack baby wipes – they are handy for everything! Also, don’t feel guilty about not sharing.
  2. Keep hydrated (boring I know, I would much rather keep drinking vodka) this will help your insides, especially kidneys if on azathioprine.
  3. You will probably look like a drug dealer with all your meds but take them! Store them in a safe place and if you forget a dose (due to cider brain) don’t panic – Just remember to take them at your next normal time.
  4. Know where the first aid tent is… in case of emergency!
  5. Don’t feel bad if you end up missing an artist and have to stay at the campsite. That is where all the real fun is.


PS Crohnies – Another bonus about using the toilets at festivals are that they are already  bad, that no matter what you added to the pan it never really makes a difference (TMI? sorry!) SO be brave, be bold and go dance the soles of your wellies off…

You can get Party at the Palace tickets here