The Kagools at the Great Yorkshire Fringe

Ok, I must admit when I first seen the promo flyer for this show I questioned if it was targeted at kids and oh boy how I was wrong. As soon as I seen one ‘Kagool’ thrusting on stage I had no idea what we were in for… (it is for ages 4+ so you can make it a family day).

The Kagools are a silent comedy duo act that consists of two kagool wearing comedians. Sounds simple yet with their body language and VERY expressional faces they communicate with the audience for 55 minutes without uttering a word.

I laughed from start to finish at this show, with the help of my step dad being pulled from the audience. Yes, there is a bit of audience participation – and they don’t just pick from the front row!

The show was filled with dancing, water (lots), Skittles, songs, a few pairs of trainers, unicorns, rubber ducks, a projector and lots of laughs.

I would highly recommend you find the time to see them. Lucky for most of my readers in the Edinburgh area they are coming to the Fringe. You can find the show details here.

Fingers crossed I can see them again as they were THAT good.



I like rugby but I love toasties!

I am only going for toasties, copious amounts of Crabbie’s ginger beer and Finn Russell – Is what I told ‘my’ Russell before heading to watch the Scotland V Italy game. It was my birthday, so I felt I was entitled to be the drunken bum out of the two of us and binge on lactose. However, we both ended up equally as drunk after the game, in our jammies, eating Bugles and listening to Motown on YouTube, once we arrived home. What a classy life we lead.

On our way to Murrayfield the atmosphere was buzzing. Bagpipers lined the streets and everyone was in good spirits as it was the last day of the Six Nations. We had to make a stop at a bathroom and tile showroom for me to use the toilet. Don’t worry, I used an actual toilet and not a display one! They served drinks too so it would of been rude not to stay for one… which possibly turned into two.

Rugby 3

It was an early kick off so we rushed to take our seats and the Red Hot Chilli Pipers puffed out a few songs before the players took to the pitch. We were sat in row 3 which was unprotected from the rain and wind. It was cold. Typical Scotland.

Rugby 2pipers








I was the runner for alcohol and toasties to let Russ enjoy the game. I was up and down to the toilet anyway so made sense to return with a beer or two. TOP TIP – Ladies, if the queues are too long (which they usually are) run to the Portaloos. They are quiet during the game and much, much, much cleaner than Murrayfield’s actual toilets!


I can’t remember the ins and outs of this game – as lets be honest – I was too busy gazing at Finn Russell and stuffing my face but we won and that is the main thing. We celebrated by splitting a ham and cheese toastie (£6 for one!!!!) and headed to the pub where I could drink a classier choice of vodka cranberry and work out if I could afford to pay for my trip to Blackpool after splurging on 3 toasties.

My highlight (apart from toasties – gosh I have typed that word a lot today) was meeting 3 Italians who were had pizza boxes on their head. We couldn’t really communicate but I managed a photo and a cheers to us for winning!


Meeting Giovanna Fletcher


I finally got to meet Giovanna Fletcher at her meet and greet for her latest book ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ at the Ghillie Dhu. I have to admit not having a baby or the fact I am not preggo made me question if attending would be ok. I did tweet Giovanna to ask, and she confirmed I made her chuckle (ahh!) and no I didn’t need to have a baby.

I was with my old school friend Becca and we arrived at the venue promptly for it starting at 7pm. We were greeted by a long queue of mainly women but a few men were dotted throughout. The queue spiralled up a beautiful staircase which lead into a function room. At the top of the stairs we were welcomed in by staff from Waterstones, they checked our names on a list and handed over a goodie bag – I love a freebie so I was already in my element. The paper bag was branded with Giovanna’s book name and contained a copy of the book, a chocolate biscuit (yay) and Burt’s Bees samples. Lucky us!


We were able to get a seat 4 rows away from the front. I made sure to get an aisle seat as you know… I have pesky insides. An added bonus was that the room had a fully stocked bar, so obviously we had to have a gin while we waited for Giovanna to step on stage.

Giovanna was welcomed onto the stage with not one but two round of applauses. I could of kept clapping that I was in such awe.


She spoke about the book (duh) and gave a wonderful insight into her family life with Tom, Buzz and Buddy. I also learned that I am so not ready for babies!

The floor was then open to questions. One of the few men there piped up that he is a deep sleeper and did not think he would wake up if his baby was crying. Everyone started laughing. The poor guy. Luckily he was reassured that he probably would wake up. Phew!

After half a dozen questions, it was time for the book signing to begin. Everyone leapt up from their seats and darted to the table. I was happy to wait as I had Becca and a Nutella cupcake to keep me company. We were also given extra samples so it was worth the wait to get our hands on a couple more Burt’s Bees items. As the scrum of people died down, we made our way into the queue.


Before I knew it I was at the front…

My book already had a post it note stuck to the inner cover with my name and correct spelling – My bug bear is when people put an E at the end of my name. Thankfully beforehand the man from Waterstones asked everyone who they would like the book to be address to. My book was handed over to Giovanna and I smiled for a photo or two. We had a chat about Nutella, as Nutella is life obviously and I thanked her for her time. Inside I was screaming but I think I kept my cool… just.

Thanks Giovanna for coming to Scotland – I had a brilliant night x