Highland Games// Pitlochry

One of the funniest times I pretended to be a tourist was on a granny bus tour to Loch Ness, we somehow ended up back in my home town for the first stop of the day. Anyway, it was a fun day out even if I was slightly hungover and wearing a woolly jumper in the height of the Scottish summer.

So, every now and again Russell and I pretend to be 80, pack the car full of snacks, charge the camera and head off somewhere. This adventure took us to Pitlochry for the Highland games.

Pit 3

The sun was shining and people (both local and proper tourists) were out in force in Pitlochry. There was a LOT of tartan and kilts!

Parking was a bit of a challenge but eventually stumbled across a space in close proximity to the field in which the games where taking place.

Pit 5

It was £8 for an adult and £4 for a child to enter which was a bit more pricy than the last Highland games we attended in Loch Lomond – yes, we have gone to more than 1 this year! The difference with this adventure was it never poured down.

We wondered round a few of the stalls. I had a go at whack the haggis, which was easier said than done. Russell wasn’t successful either. We both had a go at the tombola too as I spied a few bottles of my favourite alcohol – you’ve got to be in it to win it right? –  Anyway, instead we came away with hand soap and a can of cola. Go us!

Pit 4

There was plenty to watch: Tug of war, highland dancing, caber toss, weight over the bar and that very Scottish sport of… running.

Drink wise there was lots  – bins were overflowing with empty cider cans which really made me want one (they are on my no no list). For food you had the choice of burgers or chips really. They did smell good but we resisted. Also, if you wanted to be healthy you could get fresh strawberries and cream.

It was a good day out and perfect for families. Russell watched the games and I watched more of the dogs wondering about as I was at a slight height disadvantage. If you love dogs, the Highland Games is for you.

Pit 6

I think next year we will be going again but certainly be incorporating the drinking side of things more… Who knows, Russell might even wear his kilt and take part in a few games.

Pit 2

Oh, my other highlights were I bought a cactus and persuaded Russell to drive through Bridge of Allan so we could go to the Jam Jar for tea. Successful day – I think so!





A wee cry in the sky

Russell and I flew down to Southampton for a friends wedding in Portsmouth (not Plymouth as we originally thought and planned for – oops!) and all was fine.

wedding 3


The return journey was not so fine.

(After reading the news I am now blaming the pain on drinking two Costa ice drinks – read here!!!)

Anyway, as soon as our flight took off to head back to Glasgow airport, something inside me decided to cause great pain. It was like I was being continually stabbed while  someone was also twisting my intestine. It felt like my insides were swelling up and I would soon resemble Violet from Willy Wonka (although I am not purple) My feet already looked like little Richmond sausages from the heat so I knew I could pull of this bloated look… just not the pain!

Queue the tears…

It was soon clear that I was the baby on board this flight.

The pain was so bad that not even a game of cards could take my mind of it. This resulted in Russell letting me win a few games to make me feel better (awww!).

For the whole flight I spent it wiping tears away and taking deep breaths as I never had any painkillers to hand. I sounded like one of the mums to be on One Born Every Minute – Can you visualise the scene? A lot of huffing and puffing was taking place while I sat with my jeans unbuttoned crying into a deck of cards.wedding 2I managed to compose myself in time for landing but as soon as I stood up to get off the little propeller plane the pain was heightened. I was walking like I had had an accident in my pants (which surprisingly I hadn’t – yes, I am as shocked as you are!)

Two feet safely on concrete I was sure I was close to passing out. Hunched over clenching my left side, two airport staff came to assist. I knew if I spoke it would just be a wail of pain and tears so Russell tried to inform them I had Crohn’s. To begin with I think they thought I had been punched in the stomach. They couldn’t of been any quicker to react and next thing I knew I was being quickly escorted through the airport in a wheelchair out to the bus stop. Cringe or what?

wedding 1

So where does that leave me? Well I am now fearing for a long haul flight to Florida in November but hopefully Edinburgh Airport are just as nice as Glasgow? I shall keep you posted!

PS. I might now consider adult nappies…





Holidaying with a Crohine

Russell and I have been on a few trips during our nearly 4 years of being with each other and every trip I am a slight pain, as I like to know every little detail, have a fear of unknown loos, through the roof travel insurance and if venturing to a sunny destination – usually end up burnt to a crisp.

Our first trip was to Ibiza in August 2014. My main concern on this trip was how am I going to poo? Bearing in mind my poos can smell worse than sewage. There is no amount of frebreze that could save this situation. Every time I needed to go I would make an excuse ‘Oh I forgot my headphones’ , ‘Oh I forgot my book’ , ‘Oh I forgot the sun cream’ – you get the drift. This of course only worked if we weren’t in the room to begin with. By the end of the week (as my confidence grew) I just told him to stand out on the balcony while I took to the thrown. To be honest, toilets were the least of my worries once I ended up with sun stroke!


I was nearly pooing my pants on this!


By the December of 2015 we were fed up with the cold so booked a last minute deal to Tenerife. We flew out and were put into a fancy suite at Hotel Arenas Del Mar. It was lovely and the bathroom was huge. I had been with Russell 2 and a half years by this point so pooing didn’t seem to be too much of an issue. I didn’t make him stand out on the balcony. However, the all inclusive drinks and a lightweight Clair were a slight problem!


For my birthday in 2016 we hopped over to Dublin to celebrate St Paddy’s day and watch Ireland destroy Scotland in the Six Nations (boo!) Anyway, to celebrate my birthday we went out for a nice meal which ended up with me being glued to the toilet for the entire night crying for my mum! The meal was reappearing out of both ends – Not a pretty sight! Thankfully our hotel, The Spencer, had very good plumbing. This trip also included getting lost twice, a smashed phone and a stadium that sold cocktails.


Do I suit a beard?


By the May I had managed to convince Russell we needed a trip to Blackpool (my favourite place) so after days of trailing Booking.com I found the perfect B&B – The Wescoe. It was a beautiful B&B with a fancy bathroom (heated towel rail – yes please!) I loved it so much we stayed again this year. There was no poo drama on this mini break you’ll be pleased to hear.


Happy as Larry.


On our return from Blackpool we were back on the road down to Centre Parcs with Russell’s family. For this trip my bowels were not playing I nice. I was so nervous about the toilet situation I COULD JUST NOT GO and this resulted in me being constipated for a weekend – sigh! Not even eating a curry (which I tend to stay away from due to unsightly circumstances) got things moving. I also learnt on this trip I am not as active as I thought I was but did eat the best pancakes ever!


Centre Parcs
Used the bike once, then I retired from cycling.


Onto our last trip of 2016, a long weekend in York. Luckily we were staying at my step dads flat – with 2 bathrooms – so I was totally fine with the toilet situation. Although the journey down was tough as I had a urine infection so we had to stop at every services along the way. It was only right to get a Costa every time too! We ended up staying longer than planned as I developed some ugly viral infection which started to clear need the end of our trip. Also, we discovered the delightful parmo and now crave one every time I am drunk!


It was freezing but alcohol warmed us up!

Now what do we have planned for our next adventure? FLORIDA… in 180 something days! If you have any tips I would love to hear them.

P.S. I am already memorising food menus in preparation.


Afternoon tea at Blackpool Tower

For my birthday I was treated to cakes and sandwiches (sadly no egg mayo ones) in the Ballroom at Blackpool Tower – how very grand!



You can easily book online with slots every half an hour. We booked for 2:30pm which gave us plenty time to let our big English breakfast digest before tucking into slabs, and I mean slabs of carrot and red velvet cake, along with scones and lemon meringue pie – Pictures to follow.


The experience was certainly what you paid for (well for us anyway, as we are pretty fussy eaters) – the grand ballroom was spinning with dancers. Both professional and non professional, however I was a bit intimidated to take to the floor to show of my classic robot style dancing.

On arrival we were shown to our seat and offered tea or coffee. We both opted for tea, which was a change as I am a known coffee addict but with being away from home I did not want to risk a UTI which usually arrives after the first sip.


The wait then began….

Not that I was bothered to begin with as I was fascinated by the dancers on the floor – some taking it much more serious than others. Tunes filled the room from the organ which eventually vanished into the floor, leaving a little one carrying on the tune. We assumed he must of needed a break. The stand in organ player interacted with the afternoon tea-ers taking requests and being a little cheeky – all in good fun I must add! Every plate that came out with our server we hoped was ours. You received 3 plates bursting with food however there was no sign of ours and our tea pot was empty!

We managed to get the attention of a member of staff who was able to give us more tea and inform us our food should be with us soon. It was not… More waiting, a trip to the loo and some pining at people who arrived after us who were lucky to be eating before us.


After an hour our 3 plates arrived, not as filled as the others but still a good choice of massive cakes. The sandwiches were a bit of a let down though. As we had been forgotten about, which the staff did apologise for, we had a selection of leftover tuna, salmon, BLT and a sausage and lettuce (which I thought was a random combo!)


Russell and I did have a good laugh and this had been something I wanted to do for a long time so I was really glad we went. It definitely is a must if you like Strictly Come Dancing… and a real love for lettuce!

Ps. Look up at the ceiling – it is impressive!







Living the potato life


I always refer to myself as a potato as I do very little when I am not working. You know, sit on the couch, blog occasionally, binge watch tv, feel extremely sorry for myself.

I have many aches and pains that aren’t necessarily noticeable. Yes, I am a bit whiter with a grey tinge to my skin (thank you fake tan – when I can be bothered) than the rest of my family members. However looking at me you can not see that I am ill. I look like a normal 24 year old.

My body struggles A LOT more than I let on. I have a constant daily battle with urine infections, blood loss, joint pain and mouth ulcers. On top of that dizziness, fistulas and the driest skin imaginable. I am a walking mess. Attractive – I know. Russell is oh so lucky to have a gal like me. Ha!

Anyway, last week I had the luxury of a full week free from work – yay for annual leave! I had plans/birthday celebrations but knew I would have to pace myself. Then Crohn’s struck (typical) and majority of plans were put on hold as I lay on the couch in pain. Thankfully I did manage to venture out near the end of the week to get my hair done, lunch with my mum and cuddles from little Freddie – which instantly made me fell better, along with a dose of painkillers.


the best thing I managed to do…?

I managed to pack a bag and head to my favourite place – BLACKPOOL. Which will be the topic of my next few posts no doubt!


Much love,
Clair x